How to Cook a Steak Indoor Grill [ The Easy Way ]

by Ali Ahsanul Karim

Many of us want to know How to Cook a Steak Indoor Grill. In everyday busy life, everyone wants to enjoy with variations of food. Many people like to change their food item more often. Cooking steak is one of the most favorite items that can easily could be made at home. The tasty reply is here. I am giving you an appealing recipe of cooking a steak indoor grill. It will surely make you lick your fingers. Especially at leisure, the soothing taste of this indoor grill will take you to the top of happiness.


Every complete thing becomes successful by dint of its elements. Cooking items are much dependable on their ingredients. Each and every spice adds a unique flavor to it. Likely, cooking a steak indoor grill requires some valuable ingredients. These items are:

  1. 1 lb strip or porterhouse steak
  2. Peanut or vegetable oil. You should not use olive oil as it creates burn smoke.
  3. tablespoon of butter
  4. 2 cloves garlic. Crushed or peeled garlic is much effective in taste.
  5. 4 sprigs fresh thyme. It is not a must. It adds an extra flavor.
  6. Half tablespoon kosher salt
  7. Fresh pepper

How to cook a Steak Indoor Grill Recipe

After preparing the ingredients properly, you need to arrange the whole cooking process. Now it is time to know how to cook a steak indoor grill. Keep every item ready. Make sure if anything is left behind or not. If this happens, the grill may lose its pungent taste. Now follow the instructions carefully and steadily.

Grilling Tool

You have many choices for grilling the steak. You have to choose an effective way to make the cooking process more easy and fruitful. You can choose between George Foreman Grill, electric countertop grill, George Foreman Evolve, stovetop grill, grill pan etc. You should be tricky in choosing a grill. After having the grilling tool, make it clean and preheat it before putting anything into it.

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Mix salt and pepper with the steaks. You should do this about 12 hours before cooking. It helps mix properly as it absorbs the salt and pepper. Keep it in the fridge for freshness. But, before cooking bring it into room temperature as much as possible.

High Heat

Making the steak dry set a heavy pan on fire. Make the pan hot for about 5 minutes. Then, coat oil over the steak and put it on the hot pan. Keep the steaks heating for one minute. Proper temperature is needed. Otherwise, the inner portion of the steak will not get enough taste. It should be golden in color by the time. You have to flip it every 30 seconds. This makes the steak brown and tasty.


The hot and brown steak is nearly ready to face its last stage of cooking. Next, you have to add butter, garlic and thyme. Then split the butter over the steak slowly. Make sure if the elements are having their proper mixing session or not. Flip the steak and spoon butter over every steak. Then, again give the time to mix the ingredients. Keep this for almost 5 minutes. Wait until the buttered steaks get brown. Make sure both the sides get brown. You should not hurry while this process is running. After completing the instructions, rest the dish to be served.

Cooking a steak indoor grill is not a tougher task at all. But you have to be careful all the time. For better taste, you should be patient and let all the processes complete. Let everything take its time as much as needed. Finally, you will get your desired steak indoor grill. It is better to have such food at times. So, you have the answer of “how to cook a steak indoor grill” now. Apply it and enjoy the heavenly taste.

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