Gourmia GDG1900 Indoor Grill Review : Top Smokeless Indoor Grill Brand

No matter how much we drool over succulent grills, mastering giant outdoor grills are not everyone’s cup of tea. And this is why an indoor grill should be a must-have for everyone. But which one should you get? Well, on that notes, today we will be reviewing the Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill to see if it has what it takes to be in your kitchen.

The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill has been highly requested from us, and it’s about time we finally took care of it. We will crack through every feature and the smallest of details to find out if this grill is worthy of your attention and money. Let’s start! We touched this product here too at our indoor grill guide.

gourmia GDG1900
Gourmia GDG1900 Indoor Grill | Click Image To Check It On Amazon

The Gourmia GDG1900 Indoor Grill at a Glance

You know the Gourmia GDG1900 isn’t like your regular indoor grills from the very moment you look at it. And that is probably because it really isn’t! This indoor grill is a multifunctional or multipurpose appliance that is made to impress.

The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill does a lot more than just grilling steaks and vegetables. Let’s see what’s on the menu for customers when they buy the Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill.

Features of This Unit


If it’s a grill it has got to grill, right? The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill has 2 grilling plates on each side of the machine. It could easily grill for 3 to 4 at once thanks to its double cooking surface. However, this grill doesn’t stop just there.

The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill does a lot more than just grilling. This machine also offers you all the feature to cook some great kebabs! You have 4 skewer holders which hold your kebabs in place, and all you have to do id fold close each grill plate to cook the kebabs from both sides! This folding feature is also just as useful on steaks and fillets. You get a vertical grill basket, which holds them in place while they conside the grill. No more turning, no more fidgeting around!

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This grill can get as hot as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to get you grilling some great food. The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill also comes with a thermostat, meaning you have maximum control over the temperature being used to cook your food.

The feature that we are swooning over however is its digital dual features. The features lets you grill different foods at different temperatures at the very same time. In other words, you could be grilling your T-steak on 300 degrees and your vegetable at 200 side by side! This feature gets the batches grilled faster and better, without any signs of over or undercooked-ness due to the double temperature.

User Comfort

The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill is made keeping the user in mind. It has a digital display which is backlit in red. Makes viewing temperature and other details very easy.

The grill furthermore includes a timer, which can be set up to 60 minutes. This feature in particular, complete with the indicator lights, is amazing for forgetful cooks who run the possibilities of burning the house down!

The handles are safe from burn since it doesn’t absorb much heat from the heating elements. And finally, you have the drip-tray which is easy is dishwasher safe. Speaking of which, the accessories you receive with the grill are dishwasher safe as well!


The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill weighs 12 pounds; not the lightest indoors grill, we know. And measures 12 x 10.5 x 13 inches in dimensions. It is perfect for countertops due to its compact build.

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The grill furthermore gets smaller and more compact when you fold it up ( to vertically grill steaks or cook kebabs). It basically turns into the size of a small toaster! Great for apartment dwellers or small kitchens! The grill, overall, promises durability thanks to its sturdy construction and robust body. The grill is in fact ETL certified which promises the product to be safe, efficient and reliable.


In addition, to make your grilling experience even more fantastic, here’s a list of accessories you will be receiving with the Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill:

  • 1x vertical grill basket
  • 4x kebabs skewers
  • 1x cookbook, and
  • User manual

You will of course be getting the mandatory equipments as well: grill racks, grill plates, and the drip-tray.


Q: Can you grill burger patties in the grill basket? Would it crumble and fall apart?

Answer: Yes, you can most certainly grill your patties in the vertical basket.

Keep in mind however, that if your patty is too dry, then it may break or crumble. Make a moist, fat patties; something to the ratio of 80 to 20 If possible. If crumbling stresses you, juts go ahead and grill them on the grill plate instead.

Q: How is the dual temperatures positioned?

Answer: if your look at the control panel, you have 2 knobs for 2 different temperatures settings.

The rights knob will control the temperature for the right grill plates, and the left knob will do the same for the left. You can moreover cook vertically with 2 different temperatures on each side. Great for fish skin!

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  • The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill is multifunctional
  • Offers a dual-temperature cooking
  • Has a thermostat and 2 knobs for precise temperature control
  • Comes with a 60-minute timer with auto off and indicator lights
  • Is very compact
  • dishwasher safe components
  • is non-stick; no Teflon
  • safe handles


  • does not lock in place

Final Words

This grill is multipurpose, has a smart control panel, is compact and is relatively affordable as well. The absence of a locking mechanism is a flaw of course, but we don’t see it becoming a huge problem anytime soon. The Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill is probably one of the best grills we have looked into after time. In conclusion, we highly recommend the Gourmia GDG1900 indoor grill. It won’t disappoint you.

This concludes our review. We hope you learned and enjoyed reading from it. For more details, click the product link. See you next time!

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