Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe : An owner’s review

Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe

A couple of months ago I have bought Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe. Since then I’m using the product. And this one is the most used product of my home. Almost every day it serves me with reliability.

The Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe version is the upgrade of Griddler Deluxe indoor grill with the facility to reversible grill plate and a bit larger than the previous one. The plate is 120 square inch and fully capable of creating 240 inches grill or griddle. It can reach 500-degree temperature with the help of its 1800 watts power to cook fish, chicken, and meat.

So, do you want to have a flavor of an outdoor grill? Cuisinart indoor grill can do the job for you. However, read this Cuisinart Griddler deluxe review to know details about it.

cuisinart indoor grill

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Product Features For Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe

Features of a product are most important. It makes easy your job. The latest feature can make it easier to do the certain job. So, while choosing a product you should check out product feature. Here are some features of this product;

The top cover is height-adjustable

The top cover can be adjusted in six different height positions. What is the benefit? Well, this will allow you to lock the cover tightly. So that it can take less storage while it is not in use.

Cooking indicator

Some indoor grill does not have any indicator that can lets you know that the machine is ready to cook. But this one has an indicator to do that job. So, you will just need to see the indicator and put the food when it indicates.

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Speedy cooking procedure

If you are a busy person and have less time to cook the meal but want the avoid fast food or restaurant then this one is ideal for you. This is one of the most important features for me also, as I have always busy schedule. I can make my meal less than one hour.

However, making meal faster will not reduce the taste of your food. You can have the taste as like as an outdoor grill without the smoky flavor. But if you use some chemical for smoky flavor then you will also get that. Though this is not necessary for a delicious food. It will just give you the flavor.


More than enough surface area

Do you a party lover? Do you arrange a party at your apartment frequently? So, no need to think about the extra cooking machine. Any other standard indoor grill will allow you to make maximum four burgers at a time. on the other hand, it will allow you six burgers. Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe has enough surface area to make 12 pancakes or at once. So, this will save your time to enjoy the party.

Capacity to setting heat separately

This unique feature will let you set the heat separately. So that, you can use the one part to warm tortillas while the other part to fry meat or anything else. Or you can set the Griddler close and can use different temperature for the bottom part and upper part of your pizza. Suppose that you can higher heat for the bottom part and lower heat for the upper part.

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Smart fat reducer

Most famous part of an indoor grill is, it can reduce food fat. There is a problem that some low-end machine makes the food tasteless while reducing the fat. It happens because of the gradual increase in temperature. It dries up the food and the food become tasteless. On the other hand, this one increases the temperature quickly and remove fat but the food doesn’t get any chance to dries up. So, the benefit is having tasty food without fat.

Easy cleanup

Kitchen appliances need to clean after each use. The complicated cleanup method will take more time and need to have skills. Without proper skill, you can’t clean perfectly. Thus, the grill will lose its life quickly. But there is no chance with this product. The cleaning method is easy and to make it easier the unit comes with the cleaning tool. You can clean the plates and grease trap by the dishwasher or by hand. And the outer surface can be cleaned with glass cleaner and soft clothes. So, no need to worried about cleaning.


Capable of versatile cooking

Flat griddle and ridged grill are totally independent of each other. So, you can use them separately or it can be used by a combination of both.

As the temperature of both parts can be controlled individually, so, you can cook your food’s both parts at once. Or can be cooked different type of food at the same time by using both parts separately.

The outlook

Well, one thing is that I called it Cuisinart Griddler elite because of its outlook. The unit is very good at its works as well as it is well known for its attractiveness. Many users place it on such a place that it can visible easily for its outlook. You will feel the quality of materials while using the unit. On the other hand, the low-end machine will feel flimsy.

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One thing I should mention that once I threw a party at my apartment. Near about 15 guests visited. I just only used this unit to cook food. I felt relax while using it and had enough time to enjoy the party. Both me and my guest from then using this unit.

However, cooking is an art and this unit will help you to become the artist in every aspect. Quality grilled food with less time, low fat and easy cleaning method is the best thing of this indoor grill.

So, have the unit and enjoy the life.

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