13 Ways to Use an Indoor Grill In Your Home or Workplace

For outstanding looks and taste of your food, there is no alternative than grilled food.

But what will happen, if there is winter season or you don’t have enough space outside in your home or office? No need to worry about this. There is various kind of indoor grill in the market to give you the taste of grilled food in your home.

Simple and easy ways of using an indoor grill can turn your everyday life more enjoyable. Thus, you will get enough time to do another work without losing time to make your daily meal.

However, without using proper way of the indoor grill can cause serious damage. you may think that, “what are ways of using indoor grill”?

There are various ways to use an indoor grill. Let’s see the ways we can use an indoor grill;

1. Placing the indoor grill:

First of all, after buying the indoor grill, place it in a suitable space. Space should be dry enough and need to have space enough to freely move your body.

Without enough space can cause an accident. So, place the grill in a suitable place of your kitchen. If extra decoration needed to place the grill, don’t hesitate to expense. Thus, you will be secure.

One more thing is, the indoor grill should be kept away from flammable materials.

2. Check the indoor grill:

If it is an electric indoor grill, always inspect the chord before using it. Damage chord can short-circuit. So, it is the important part of grilling though it has nothing to do with the recipe.

You can use fault circuit interrupter to avoid any kind of short-circuit accident.

3. Using liquid smoke:

Do you love the smoky flavor? Well, in that case, adding some liquid smoke will give you the flavor of an outdoor grill. So that, you can have the outdoor taste at home whenever you wish.

And one important thing is, nowadays, liquid smoke can be found any grocery shop. so, don’t miss the opportunity to take the real taste of a grilled food.

How to use liquid?

It is not hard to use or you don’t have to be an expert. Just a small amount of liquid pours the surface of the food. Overusing will turn your food to chemical taste. So, be careful to pour liquid.

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Sometimes, grill food ingredient comes with this liquid. So, check the ingredient label. If the liquid is not present then use it.

4. Placing the desired food:

Careful to place the food as it is preheated. Some indoor grill has lid some of them are not.

If it has no lid then place the food and let it cook one side. After that cook the other side.

The lid one can cook both sides of your food at a time. So, it will take half of the time than the without lid one.

If you are always in short of time, then buy the lid one Top indoor grills unit here.

5. Time duration:

Overcooked or less cooked food, both are not good for health and taste. It can also damage your indoor grill.

Overcooked food may contain toxic substances. On the other hand, less cooked food is tasteless.

However, every food recipe you are using to cook your meal, have time duration part by part to make your food. Carefully follow every step of the recipe.

Generally, take a long time with low temperature to cook your food. It will give you the real taste as well as healthy food.

You can use the meat thermometer to notice the temperature. Its price is very low but very useful equipment for an indoor grill.

However, time is also depending on your indoor grill machine and what type of food you are cooking. So, look after all of the factors while cooking.

6. Heating process:

Always preheat your indoor grill before using your it. This will make your food not to suck in the grill.

Don’t overheat your indoor grill. Naturally, 75 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit is required to preheat. If you are a new user of indoor grill then use a thermometer to measure temperature. The experts also use the thermometer.

7. Seasoning your desired food:

Seasoning food is necessary for indoor grill. Use salt and pepper to season your raw food. Marinate the food if necessary. If you marinate or if there is any liquid, then dry it using a towel and then grill.

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Doing this you will have the tasty and healthy food that is necessary for our body.

8. Prevent food sticking:

There are two types of the indoor grill in the market. One is sticky and another is non-sticky.

If you are using the non-sticky one then you can skip this procedure.

Otherwise, spray oil to prevent sticking food in the grill. It is very useful and must have to do this to keep the taste.

Don’t spray oil on to grill pan. Spray it onto the food you are going to grill.

13 Ways to Use an Indoor grill

9. Collect recipe:

If you are a newbie then collect indoor grill recipe. Read the desired recipe before buying ingredients or raw materials to cook.

Prepare everything before cooking, according to your recipe. Doing this you will not miss any necessary ingredient while cooking. Otherwise, all of your work will useless.

Keep in mind that everything is necessary that is written on the recipe. A single mistake will ruin the taste.

On the other hand, everyone should collect recipe to increase your cooking item. Thus, you can get ultimate use of the indoor grill.

10. Grill different types of food:

After hearing the word “grill”, we always think about meat or fish. But you can also grill many items. Like, vegetables, pizza, potatoes, and bread also.

You have a grill, so, why you limit yourself? Get the most use of your grill. As it is healthy too, so, don’t need to worry about your health.

11. Marking on the grill:

Grill mark makes the food looks like that it is made by professional. You can also do this.

You need to place the grill pan at an angle of 45 degrees to make the professional style mark. It will not change the taste but the looks.

If you invite your guest they are surprised. So, do the trick to get attention.

12. Unplug and cleaning the grill:

After using immediately unplug the grill and let it cool. After cooling the grill should clean properly. Otherwise, the next cooking item will have the flavor of previously cooked food.

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13. Where can you use it?

The name itself tells that where you can use it. Yes, in your home is the place to use it.

You can also use it in your office, if there is sufficient space and they allowed it or if it is your own office.

Well, at the office you can’t get the ultimate uses of your grill. But you can prepare breakfast type item in your office. By this way, you can avoid food that is not good for health. You can prepare your desired your food at home and can grill it at the office.

Some tips for using an indoor grill:

  • For barbecue grill using flat and stable surface is mandatory.
  • Avoid using loose cloth while you are grilling.
  • Always keep an eye when you are grilling.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near your grill.
  • Do not use the grill other than the kitchen.
  • Always use long utensils. So that, you can avoid burning.
  • Do not try to relocate your grill after immediately using it. If relocate is needed then wait to cool the grill and relocate.
  • If it is an electric indoor grill the keep it away from water. And before using it check that there is no water or liquid on the chord and the chord is not damaged.
  • Always keep 40 inches gap from the grill. This will keep you safe if an accident occurs.
  • Use the user manual that came with the grill to assemble the grill. Without proper assemble may cause an accident. So, careful to assemble it.
  • Use fault circuit interrupter for an electric indoor grill to make sure protection.

Overall Talk

All the above information is simple and easy. It will keep you safe, as well as you can use your grill properly. Proper uses of the indoor grill will make the grill last longer. Thus, it will save your money. If you use the above-mentioned way, definitely you will get the most out of your indoor grill. Don’t have an indoor grill? Then get one from top indoor grills unit here.

Have a happy grilling.

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